The Simplicity of Paper

The Efficiency of a Machine

A fresh take on task management
that's privacy-minded and open source.

No account needed.

Features You'll Love


Optimized to load quickly so you can get in and out fast.

Dashboard View

Use Sqrte Tasks to view your lists and tasks side by side, in whatever arrangement works best for you.


You can easily move tasks from one list to another. Keep your lists simple or make complex multi-list workflows.

Work Offline

Since your data is stored locally, you can use it offline. Sqrte Tasks strives to promote the principles of Local First software.

Principles That Respect You

Privacy Minded

Don't be a company's product.
Sqrte Tasks respects your data and keeps it in your hands.

Your Data

By default, Sqrte Tasks stores data locally and enables you to easily export it with the click of a button.

Open Source

Take a peek under the hood or customize to your heart's content. The non-commercial portions of the front-end are released under AGPL.

Want More? Go Premium.

Sync Your Devices

If you want to sync your devices, you can purchase a sync plan for just $1/mo.

End-to-End Encryption

While synchronizing, your task text is encrypted before it leaves your device and remains encrypted until it arrives back at your device.

Desktop and Mobile

While Sqrte Tasks was designed especially with desktop power users in mind, it also supports mobile layouts.